Her beautiful talented mother (Lilian Joyce).  

Gower, Wales.

The place where she was born and grew up.

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Lisa Jane is just absolutely crazy about scribbling, drawing, sketching, painting and everything else that is considered arty. She got her first sewing machine at the age of 6 and started developing her own film negatives and photographs from a self made dark room at home at 11.


A psychologist turned artist -(she actually graduated from one of the top universities in the UK). She is now utilising her knowledge and understanding of psychology to create works of art.


Her work has been featured on House and Home, The Guardian, My Green Pod,  the famous Print and Pattern, Mollie Makes, as well as being featured in the MOYO magazine, to name a few.


She has worked with major global brands as well as freelancing for departments stores and our artwork can be seen on packaging, products, stationery, greeting cards, wall art, footwear, public transport and many, many more.


She also produces her own eco small batch artisan products such as art prints, greeting cards and paper goods. Printing on eco papers using vegetable inks using plactic free packaging solutions.


She was born in beautiful Gower, Wales. But now lives in the  BIG city in London.  She loves chocolate, kung fu and of course noodles.



      10 Little things about Lisa


1)         She is passionate about things organic, recycled and all things that are gentle and harmonious with the      




2)         She grew up around the corner from Dylan Thomas's house and grew up on the same street as a children's illustrator, a

           famous painter, a pottery artist,  and an art professor. That's is quite a lot of artists on one street.



3)         She studied Karate and Kung fu and knows how to use the nun chucks.

           She even planned to go to China to study Kung fu from a Shoalin Monk.




4)         She actually studied psychology at Cardiff University but has always been sewing, developing her own      

           negative and photographs, knitting since 7 years old (although she is not that good at it, her brother is better at knitting  

           than her). And then there is the scribbling, painting and drawing that she has been doing      

           since, well since she was little. She even once drew a picture with a jam sandwich. That was one of the rare      

           times where her Mother was not pleased with her art.




5)         Her pen is not used only to draw but also to write. She loves to write children's stories as well as draw  





6)         She has a stray cat which she looks after called Mr Butter Toast (because that is what he likes to eat). One

           time he ran off with her chocolate muffin -and yes the muffin was organic.





7)         When she was a little girl she used to go horse riding on the beach and Gower Peninsula. She dreams of

           owning her own horse one day.




8)         On her way home from school in the summer she used to take homeless dogs from the RSPCA animal shelter for a





9)         She can play the piano

           Her piano teacher was called Mr Bacon. He was super sweet and about 90 years old.





10)       She is still a bit of a big kid. Although she doesn't slide down the stairs in her sleeping bag anymore.  

           (Please don't try this at home.)        










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