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By studionoodles, Jun 13 2015 02:49PM

Daily somethings are squeezing in a quick something. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. xxx #weekend #surfacepattern #printpattern #patternlove #flowers #florals #illustration

By studionoodles, Jun 12 2015 12:10PM

We are pround to announce our prints as well as an exclusive line are now available on www.notonthehighstreet.com

By studionoodles, Jun 6 2015 12:23AM

Daily Somethings are super early today. If I was asked to design a mobile phone this is what it would look like. I think I am right in thinking Apple are not going to be hiring me for my innovation. Think I should just stick to the pattern making. Have a lovely day everyone. xxx #innovator #productdesigner #apple ‪#‎kidsdesigner‬ ‪#‎surfacepattern‬ ‪#‎printandpattern‬ ‪#‎pattern‬ ‪#‎animal‬ ‪#‎studionoodles‬

By studionoodles, Jun 6 2015 12:07AM

Daily Somethings are a little snappy with a quick crocodile pattern. These crocs are snappy as they are currently doing their 7 day detox. Have a great day everyone. xxx #kidsdesigner #surfacepattern #printandpattern #pattern #animal #studionoodles

By studionoodles, Jun 4 2015 01:28PM

Daily Somethings have been enjoying all the little photo shoots. Have a lovely day everyone. xxx #studionoodles #surfacepattern #camera #takeapicture

By studionoodles, Jun 2 2015 04:12PM

Daily Somethings are having a little wall art gallery. Don't forget our shop is now open. We ship worldwide. We hope to see you in our shop. Have a wonderful day everyone. xxx #studionoodles #gallery #surfacepattern #printpattern #artprints #shop #recycled

By studionoodles, Jun 1 2015 01:04PM

Daily Somethings have carrying on with the delicious dishes. Designs available for licensing. #Licensing #Surfacepattern #surfacepatterndesigner #London #kids #dishes

By studionoodles, May 30 2015 06:01PM

Daily Somethings are all about fun. Lunch Time, Dinner Time, Always Fun Time. Have a great Saturday everyone. xxx #studionoodles #fun #kidsdinner #plates #dinnertime #eat #kids

By studionoodles, May 28 2015 02:09PM

Daily Somethings have a special Shop feature and noodles are involved. Studio Noodles founded by Lisa Jane Dhar. (Tha’s ME!) Lisa Jane Dhar is a Surface Pattern Designer and Artist. Visit her online shop for exclusive Eco Original Fine Art & Eco Prints.

Her Original Art is made with layers and layers of delicate watercolour, gouache and oil pencils with hints of recycled materials (tissue paper, recycled cut outs, dried edibleflowers or flower petals and hand made papers), with a delicate scattering of sequins or beads. Patience is required when working with watercolour, as each layer has to dry sufficiently before the next colour or layer can be added. She only works on one painting at a time, until the piece is finished (which takes a long long time).

She works on a variety of special handmade artisan papers such as linen and cotton rag blends, as well as BHUTANESE & WASHI papers.

Her Eco art prints are printed on 300 gsm recycled pulp board using vegetable inks. (Although they are printed using vegetable inks, they contain no nutritional value, so please do not lick!) PLease use a NutriBullet for a nutritional pick up. Each print is finished with an eco waterbased water sealant and is packed in a Bio corn starch clear bag and shipped in an eco boarded envelope.

Please visit www.studionoodles.com for more info, orders, licenses or for commissions.

Have a fab Thursday everyone xxx #originalart #ecoart #art #fineart #ecoprints #artprints #artist #studionoodles #kidsprints #wallart

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